Charlie L-Edition Series
— For primary schools
01 Product Description

Charlie L-Edition Series is suitable for primary schools, educational institutions, childrens amusement parks and other places to assist the teachers, organization managers and relevant staff in childrens care.

Charlie L-Edition Series loads the Tuppence AI algorithm which is focusing on children’s health screening. One step to complete the children’s abnormal characteristics screening of temperature, mouth, hands and eyes in 3 seconds automatically. At the same time, in response to the epidemic, we have added mask mode, wrist temperature mode, and three epidemic prevention designs, to improve the ability of disease control and protection on campus.

02 Detailed Product Functions

Health screening function

One step to complete the children's abnormal characteristics screening of temperature, mouth, hands and eyes in 3 seconds automatically. The identification items including red rash on hands, herpes on hands, fingernails, wounds on hands, red rash on the palate, herpes on the palate, red throat, tooth decaying, red eyes, abnormal temperature and many other abnormal signs. Including advanced mode, mask mode, wrist temperature mode.

Advanced Mode screens all items, Mask Mode screens Eyes, Hands, and Temperature with masks on, Wrist Mode only screens wrist temperature, which are suitable for the special needs of different schools. Temperature measurement in only 1 second and record school-wide temperature. The data is retrievable all the time.

ž  abnormal temperature

ž  advanced mode

ž  mask mode

ž  wrist temperature mode

ž  red rash on the palate

ž  herpes on the palate

ž  red throat

ž  tooth decaying


ž  red rash on hands

ž  herpes on hands

ž  fingernails

ž  wounds on hands

ž  red rash on the palate


ž  red eyes


Interesting class:

Charlie installs high-quality speaker. It supports independent uploads of files and has the ability to tell stories, play music. It's a good assistant for teachers in class.


Data platform


Data Platform is a data management service platform that keeps the school morning entrance image and health screening image data. The platform realizes real time data transformation and conducts data management and analysis, which the problem can be traced anytime. From which ways, the potential risks can be avoided and the school health management level, statistical and analytical ability can be improved, which assists the comprehensive information system of the school.

Suitable for children of

different heights

03 Product Advantages

Super fast(3 seconds)

Ultra high accuracy(99.7%)

Comprehensive recognition items(hands, mouth, eyes and temperature all included)

Air exhaust device:

It will automatically open after each health screening, to avoid the staying of droplets. 

Nontoxic, safe and non sensitizing
The machine is made of internationally certified children's health material which meets the national standards.
Human safety voltage
Equivalent to a tablet computer, safe to use without worries.
Anti-electromagnetic interference
Special distribution equipment materials.
Details reflect care
Aviation standard plug, aviation level plug is used in the interior, with more guaranteed quality.

Far infrared (FIR) technology temperature measurement module:


Fast response50° viewing angle, ±0.01°C accuracy, 0.2 second reading rate.

Ultra-high-definition industrial-grade camera:


Ultra-high-definition, ultra-wide angle lens, clearer health screening images.

High-frequency processor:


Strong processing capacity, fast calculation speed, real-time feedback results of local algorithms, no network transmission delay.


Supplemental light system:


Can be simulated by intelligent algorithms to achieve constant light effect.

It can also be used when the network is disconnected.

Cute appearance, bionic pronunciation for the children.

Vertical movement without tilting, convenient for teachers to push vertically.

No sharp angle design to avoid collision. Equipped with universal wheels, easy to move.

Voice Announcements   |   Posture prompt   |   Result indicator   |   Beep alarm prompt

04 The Value Of The Product

Provide disease control management:

Provide professional disease prevention and control for the campus, improve the campus public health protection ability.

Improve the campus brand image:

Help improve the campus brand image, and enhance the satisfaction of children and parents.

Great Assistance for enrollment:

Differentiate campus services, create characteristic kindergartens, assist enrollment, and increase enrollment.


improve parents' satisfaction and make family-school connections closer.

05 After-sales Service

One-year warranty 



Remote one-to-one online assistance on usage training, data maintenance,and installation training.


Lifetime free software system update:

Regular product software update, update automatically with WIFI connection.